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Produced in 1984
The flying monsters hustle and bustle above our heads in a gigantesque combat. Meanwhile, on the ground, in a whirlpool of music, sparks and confetti, the temperamental pixies invade the area. A story teller on stilts incites the public not to remain neutral….
A dance for some, a battle for others, this all public show was a grand and wonderfully entertaining moment for all….

Cette année-là
Produced in 1990
From « Le Combat de Tancrède et Clorinde » of Claudio Monteverdi

Nuit Saint Georges

Produced in 1993
This show was inspired by the legend of Saint George and the dragon.
The legend:
A castle is besieged by a dragon. The inhabitants have to designate who will be used as bait to lure the dragon. The king’s daughter draws the shortest straw and is designated. Thankfully along comes Saint George who combats and kills the dragon.
Saint George is the patron Saint of England, Catalonia, Navarre …he is to be found in the popular folklore of Russia , Greece and the Middle East …
The story:
Five travellers in search of adventure, pass thru a story’s mirror, to continue a quest. On the other side they meet a King, a queen, a beautiful princess and a ‘fake’ Saint George and his assistant. Their destinies seem to be interlaced. However the unexpected arrival of our five travellers upsets everything. In this situation where normally Saint George hammers the dragon, here ‘Les Plasticians Volants’ hammer the legend!

L'apprenti sorcier

Produced in 1994
with the F.A.U.S.T Toulouse
A huge character produces enormous images on a giant screen. From his fantasies emerge strange creatures…by means of countless colours and sensual forms; he attempts to create an image of perfect plastic harmony, an esthetical perfection. The forms generated transform themselves into fantastic monsters, reflections of human legends. The painter sculpts them, deforms them; his creatures satisfy his desires and execute his orders. Overrun by his frenetic creative impulses, he provokes a catastrophe…the creatures revolt and escape the sorcerer’s control.


Produced in 1994
Two strange characters, a professor and his assistant, set up their laboratory in the town center. They begin to manipulate there strange apparatus and gaze to the sky. What can they be waiting for? A signal from the sky is finally heard. ‘Ezili’ half woman half bird appears! During her tumultuous itinerary through the town, she shakes apathies and clears dreariness, thanks to a great explosion of colour and enthusiasm. She slides on that which ought to tear her thus stimulating senses and shaking indifference. The goal of her quest comes into view, but ‘Ezili’ is tired: she must make room for those to come. Her eggs take flight, numerous and magnificent hatchings that take off towards there own destinies.

Don Quichotte

Produced in 1997

Les Ogres
Produced in 1999
A show inspired from the book ‘The trolls’ by Sylvie Chausse (Albin Michel publications)
They eat, sleep and reproduce and have the power to change appearance. Accompanied by a Professor in Trollologie, this guided tour takes the public along a whimsical and odorous tour to unveil the origins of Trolls. Each room…the portrait gallery, the games room, the bathroom, the bedroom…all allows us to discover true Troll family life. The Troll Palace is an inflatable structure, in which certain characters and decors are also inflatable.


Produced in Australia with the Black Dance Australia in 1999
Ngalyod is the name given by ‘Gunbalanya’ tribes ( northern territories ) to the ‘snake of rainbows’. Considered as the creator of the aboriginal civilization, this serpent gave birth to the first tribes, reproduced the animals and created the plants and rocks. An ancient legend over 40,000 years old.
The hurricane that damaged the town of Darwin in 1974 was, for the aboriginals, a sign that ‘Nygalyod’ was displeased. Ever since, this serpent has been regularly represented in dances, chants and traditional paintings.
This is a mobile show punctuated with five fixed scenes. The story depicts the birth of the serpent, that of ‘Man’, of animals and of nature and finishes with the revenge of the serpent.
The music of the show was composed in Australia by a mixed group of aboriginal and non aboriginal musicians. It mixes contemporary compositions with traditional aboriginal instruments.


Produced in 2001
This Persian fairytale, ‘The language of birds’ written by Attar in the thirteenth century is the foundation for the show’s story line:
“This tale is a mystic epic, whereby the birds seek their king, ‘the Simurgh’. When they finally arrive at his palace, behind the seven walls, they discover that they themselves are the ‘Simurgh’ and that the Simirgh can simultaneously be one and all.” (Borges)
Nobody can say if this story is true or not, as nobody knows when or where it happened but… has been said that one day, somewhere on earth, all the birds of the world gathered together, the sky and the earth was obscured by their numbers. Try to imagine the noise, the colours of it all !
The Houppe bird decided to speak, she had a little trouble at first being heard because of her small size but she was determined that all must listen to her. She cried out: “Birds, birds, birds! We must be proud birds! Proud to know that we know the world like none other. As you know the sky is our kingdom, but no kingdom on earth exists without a King! How is it that we do not have a King?”
The birds scratched there crests. “A King? What use is a King?” The Houppe spoke out again: “Birds,birds, birds, our king’s name is Simurgh! Nobody has seen him, but I know he exists. All Kings live in a palace and I have seen this palace, which proves that our King exists! Birds of the world it is time that we take flight to find our King, The Simurgh, come let us fly Simurgh to Simurgh!..”



























Gigantomachie (1984)


cette année là
Cette année là (1990)


nuit saint georges
Nuit St-Georges (1993) - Photo : JPE

apprenti sorcier
L'Apprenti-sorcier (1994)

Ezili (1995)


Don Quichotte (1997)

Les Ogres (1998)

Ngalyod (1998) - Photo : JPE

Simurgh (2001)


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