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De nos rêves, occupons le ciel...

The ‘Plasticiens Volants’ are a dynamic group
of creators who from 1976 (date of its establishment) has grown from a 2 to a 30 person strong company today! Since 1986 the company has been based in the Tarn area situated in the south west of France. However, in 1999 they moved to the commune of Tarn and Dadou in the town of Graulhet. Here they have rehabilitated an old tannery going by the evocative name of ‘The Factory of Emancipation,’ a name taken from the district in which the tannery was built over a century ago.

Our Passion
A wholehearted devotion for all that flies, eager to share an emotion before it dies, we are at home in meeting spaces, , everyday places or passing through places. Our desire is to meet, gather and embrace a maximum amount of people of all walks of life. This wish, to captivate, guide or lead people across town brings us to the question. “What do you have to do so that everybody can see the same thing at the same time?”

Inflatables, marionnettes and actor operators
Our experience and research has enabled us to give life and form to specific characters: ‘the inflatables’. These giant inflated puppets and objects fly over the public and are awesome in size. They ruse with urban objects, slide up streets, and squeeze out of porch-ways or escape up alleys…they are operated from the ground by actors: the ‘actor-operator’s, who evolve and play amongst and with the public. These actor-operators are at one with the character that floats above them and are a fantastic inflatable extension of them. They run, dance, disappear and appear in order to tell their story.

And yet again, new encounters...
From cities to village squares, from small festivals to world events, we have met audiences from over the five continents. Of these encounters and adventures is born the desire to discover other domains, other spectators. A certain familiarity inspires us.

Images and texts
The images invite the spectator to dive into a world of dreamlike emotions akin to the pleasures of infancy. The spectacular images do not defy the senses but kindle them. With the texts being introduced into few creations, the public’s comprehension operates on several levels, allowing differing interpretations. In non French speaking countries, we can collaborate with native actors who speak the country’s language.

A Tale to tell
Our stories we tell are either the fruit of our imagination or come from a book Don Quichotte or a fairytale Simurghor inspired from myths and legends Babilonia or about the history of the universe BIG BANG or from Leonardo Da Vinci with LEONARDO, DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES or a comic strip with LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND...

An invitation to dream and be moved !

* Download the presentation of Plasticiens Volants

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