Creation : 2006
Fixed show with pyrotechnic final
Show duration : approximately 1h
Audience : 15 000 persons

The show, having been conceived for a large capacity crowd, uses mainly spectacular images that increase in intensity as the show progresses. It addresses a diverse public of all ages, adults and children, and is always played above the public so as to be seen by everybody at the same time… Whatever text is used, it is spoken in the native tongue..

The Moon, a woman of three faces, who according to her cycles of youth, maturity and old age, has inspired man since the dawn of time.
From the first imaginary space traveller and predecessor to Jules Verne the Greek ‘Lucien de Samosate’ to Galileo, H.G.Wells, Cyrano de Bergerac, Neil Armstrong, to mention but a few of the worlds legends and cosmic accomplishments, the Moon has always stirred man.
Who, amongst us has not, stopped one night to contemplate her, to confide with her ones secrets, ones dreams?

Through our character, ‘Endymion’ (the young shepherd who ‘Seleme’, the mythic symbol of the Moon, takes as a lover), we portray that eternal quest, the search for love !

In the beginning, our hero, is seduced by the playful moon, falls in love with her and chases after her. He must scale, ascend, mount and climb always higher and higher to get closer to her. He must use of all the astuteness, that of which ‘man’ is most capable of, to rejoin his high held dream. The Moon watches on whilst he exhausts himself.
All of this he must suffer and that’s not even considering that at such altitudes, one surely meets with strange constellations, serpents, dragons and appeasing Venus’s. At such heights the universe becomes topsy turvy and one might well see curious flying fishes that have escaped from the zodiac. But despite all this, nothing deters our character from his goal… to stretch a line from the earth to the moon, in order to reach and embrace his loved one.
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