Creation : 2011
Fixed show
Show duration : approximately 1h
Audience : several thousand persons according to place

Is there a beginning ? If so, what was there before the beginning ?
An end ? Perhaps, but then what ?

The director’s viewpoint
Jumping into the subject, I was surprised by the fascination that it could bring. Although a bit daunting for the «uninformed» I am provoked not to boredom but rather a desire to know the result, like in a good novel. I was also struck by scientists’ need for images to make theories or discoveries identifiable and accessible. We also spoke about “strange quark”, “charmed quark”, and “beauty quark”, so called colourful constellations and nebulae ... Names that make you want to know more ...
Marc Bureau

In the nostalgia of the light
I saw my imprecise body
Captured by the time
Seeking to situate myself
In the North of the North Pole
The look moves away
To catch sight oh himself.
He sees hungry bellies swarming around him.

* Download the video TV Deutsche Welle (4,51 min)
** Download the presentation of the show - 1,4 Mo

Producted thanks to the town of Graulhet, Conseil Général du Tarn, Région Midi-Pyrénées and the Spedidam.

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