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Creation : 2016
Fixed show
Show duration : approximately 30 minutes
Audience : 1.500 persons

The show is an evocation of Leonardo da Vinci’s work through the obsession of flying which haunted the master his entire life. The air as a support for flying and as an inspiration for creating will be our main theme. For Da Vinci as well as for us, the dream of flying was a stimulus as much as the hunger to understand and to act on the world..

Prince of the fading paintings, king of the ideal cities on paper, Leonardo Da Vinci discovered new continents by exploring bodies and light. But if there was a domain where he gave himself heart and soul,
that would surely be the sky!
His whole life, he dreamt of flying over cities and of being
the first man to rise towards the heavens !
Leonardo da Vinci has filled our dreams so vastly that we decided to make him fly!

To evoke Leonardo da vinci, How pretentious ! Of this man who embraced with his mighty hand and his visionary eye so much knowledge, arts and techniques. We retain his huge curiosity, his insatiable need to unders- tand. Leonardo turns himself into God to get to know Man and his mys- tery.
“I Want to Work miracles !” he said.

This show is the rising, the flight of a man on a quest for perfection in the art of imitating nature.
We share with Leonardo da Vinci a passion for flying, a desire to join the sky, he also fascinates us for having considered air as a material.

Thierry Collin et Marc Bureau


* Download the presentation of the show - 2 Mo


* Télécharger le dossier (pdf - 1,9 Mo)



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