Creation : 2003
Mobile show
Show duration : variable
Audience : 5 000 persons

Flexible and modest in size, this show adapts easily to various contexts. It brings a spectacular touch to your events thanks to the flying inflatables puppets (created for Expo 02 in Morat in Switzerland). The number of inflatables can vary according to the venues and varying budgets.

After a long and dangerous journey throughout the world, having used our soles to the antipodes of broken asphalt, unexplored countries where nobody has ever heard the sound of the coffee machine. We offer to make a detour to your part of the world, to show you our fabulous menagerie. From London to Tokyo, via St Petersbourgh to Johannesburg, all over the world we have been invited ! Ladies and gentlemen we offer to your eyes, things you have never seen before. Our animalerie gathers together the most incredible, unbelievable, crazy and surprising characters!


* Download the presentation - 1,4 Mo

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