Creation : 2015
Mobile show
Show duration : approximately 1h
Audience : several thousand persons


Winsor McCay published « Little Nemo in Slumberland » in the NewYorkHeraldTribune between1905 and 1914. Every Sundays, its comic strip covered the last page of this newspaper. It was the birth of «comic strip» ! It is unmistakably one of the unequalled classics of the recent history of the comic strip.Far from being a pleasant BD for children, Little Nemo transposes to the universe of the drawing with a subtle humor one of the most striking themes of modern times: the discovery of the unconscious.

In search of the legendary world of dream, Little Nemo explores unknown lands in troubling and increasingly threatening forms where nothing seems that is appears at first glance: the familiar objects become gigantic or tiny, grimacing mythical creatures lie in wait him, houses rise to amount to dizzy heights before collapsing a moment later. In the 20th century, can we always trust to the world as it is? Therefore, the scenography, the control of the perspective, and the complex story board, made of McCay a precursor of the cartoon.

For more than twenty years this dreamlike journey has trotted into my head. Over time and experience, the idea has matured and finally PlasticiensVolantsdecides to attack Little Nemo’s fortress ! A century after the publication of the last board, « Little Nemo in Slumberland » will revive and travel in your cities.
Marc Mirales


* Download the presentation - 30 Mo

Producted thanks to the town of Graulhet and the Région Midi-Pyrénées

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