Creation : 2002
Mobile show
Show duration : variable
Audience : 4 000 persons

This spectacle based on a simple story suitable for the general public proposes a parade followed by a finale. It is designed so that it can be adapted to requests (specific route, themes to be evoked, etc.). Flexible and extensible, it must be rewritten each time. The spectacle can also be enlarged to include other inflatables depending on the space available or can simply add an event to an existing parade.

Imagine yourself as a diver, immersed in an extraordinary aquarium on your city scale !
A very little pearl escapes from its case and leaves to discover the underwater world... There, she will meet playmates, multicoloured fishes, sea horses, joker squids, bewitched jellyfishes. But she will also meet the terrific sea snake who thinks only of one thing: to swallow her ! Other inhabitants of this fantastic world will then interfere themselves... What will happened to our adventurous ?
Will she be able to return to her protective shell without leaving too much mother-of-pearl there?

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